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Horsemanship Through Mindfulness

         "Optimize the Journey, Increase your Awareness"  


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                              Horsemanship through mindfulness.
Increasing your awareness for how horses relate in a herd as well as developing your own awareness of controlling your energy through time and space. The Journey of developing mind, body and spirit of both horse and human.

Marie Pruden Horsemanship

        Clinics Year Round


I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to participate in a 4 day Rythm clinic with Marie at Seven Springs Farm. It was wonderful! I’m able to start putting the pieces together. She is so good at teaching you where you are. It felt like the clinic was custom made for me and my horse. She is patient and clear. She always breaks things down so it’s easier to understand. I always feel so at home at Seven Springs. The farm is immaculate and so peaceful. I highly recommend Marie Pruden and Seven Springs Farm!   Karen R. 

We just finished a two day intensive study. Marie is a fantastic teacher. She works hard to make sure you understand the concepts in theory and practice. She truly cares about how the horse feels and strives to make sure the rider is able to help the horse improve and feel better.  Deb C.

Marie Pruden is a very thoughtful clinician. She gives personalized instruction for both horse and rider. When I need clarity and deeper understanding, I turn to Marie for help! She cares about the well being of my horse both inside and out. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from her.  Lisa G.

Marie's clinic series sets every horse and rider up for success regardless of the direction your team is heading, and she does it with relaxation for both horse and human. Amazing venue and clinician. Five Stars all the way!  Deb B.

I have now been working with Marie Pruden about 7 years and my horsemanship has greatly improved. Most of all, my horse notices the difference in me! I couldn't be more pleased with how much better our relationship is these days. Jean T.

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