Clinics, Privates and Workshops

 Marie  may include simulations and theory to help you develop a better understanding of horse behavior and how to better communicate.  






                                          On the Ground & In Hand

             This is where we really develop a good communication 

        with the horse as well as giving them the mental knowledge

       they need for a successful partnership. Marie will use in hand

  methods as well as foundation skills to help educate the horse and

 human.  By having an awareness of the horse's Mind, body and Spirit

we can begin to develop and overall  balance between

                                            horse and human.  















































                                                    Under Saddle

             Learning to develop communication,understanding and respect       

        by first developing the horse's education on the ground. Learning to work 

with the horse by developing a better seat, managing your energy and having

appropriate feel, timing and balance. By focusing on the muscles in the body

that will enhance the horse's self carriage and allow them to move more 

freely and from a place of relaxation.  A fluid, soft and yielding body is a strong








































































































































       Courses and Clinics available to help you develop your Horsemanship!

                  Horsemanship Through Mindfulness Clinic Series



                                  Clinic 1 - 3 day

                     Understanding Rhythm and Relaxation


                                  Clinic 2 - 3 day

                   Understanding In Hand connection to Riding


                                  Clinic 3 -  3 day

                           Understanding Suppleness 1


                                  Clinic 4 -  3 day

                           Understanding Suppleness 2



                                  Liberty Series


                               Clinic 1- 3 or 4 day

                              Intro to Liberty basics


                               Clinic 2-  3 or 4 day

                           Liberty  beyond the round pen



 Video and Long Distance coaching:

 $40.00 per video (10min.or less)


  Needing more insight in to your specific issues, Marie will provide video coaching and feedback using downloaded You tube clips.  You can also send her a DVD (DVD's will not be returned)  These videos lengths and topics will be based  upon the students needs. *If you take regular lessons in person with Marie,  video sessions are free.  Student consist of at least 6 lessons per year.  








 Developing a stronger relationship by strengthening the rapport and trust with your horse. This is an incredibly rewarding experience you can have with horse and human. 

    Student Referral Info

      $25.00 off you next lesson



Are you already a student of Marie’s?  Do you want to save money when riding with Marie?  Refer a friend and earn $25.00 off your next workshop or clinic!

You receive a $25.00 credit and your friend receives a $25.00 credit towards their first lesson with Marie. (Must make an appointment)


Here’s how to redeem your referral card:


  1. If you are already a student redeem your referral card from MPH.

  2. Fill out the back of the card with your name.

  3. Give to a friend that has never taken a lesson from Marie.


                              That’s it!



Details for using the Referral card:


  1. Can only be given to new students.  No exceptions.

  2. The credit can be used towards clinics or workshops.  Does not apply to privates or spectating.

  3. Cannot be combined with any other promotions.

  4. Can be used at Seven Springs or any hosting facility.

  5. When booking your lesson advise MPH you will be using a referral Card.

  6. Must bring card with you to your lesson for it to apply.


         “Optimize the Journey, Increase your Awareness”MPH