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                                                 My Mission:


I strive to be the best horsewoman I can be by offering a Holistic approach to horsemanship.  I believe in continuously seeking a true balance mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually within ourselves first so we can create a desirable space that our horses will want to share .


                                                 My Journey


I was raised on an Eastern Carolina Cattle Farm where my family raised cattle,  and a sorted variety of crops. My love for horses began when I met my first horse on my Dad’s farm, at a very young age.   My Dad had the same love of animals as I and he did all he could to indulge me in a life with horses.  I witnessed the wonderful moments of sharing life with these magnificent creatures to the tragic and challenging times that taught me so much and continues to today.  My Dad knew very little about horses so I became a self-taught equine enthusiast , learning by observing local horsemen and spending much of my time learning by trial and error and riding alone. I started horses at an early age,  as well as,  learned from those horses that were already trained by previous owners.  As a young girl I went to as many local shows as I could and spent many days exploring as many trails as I possibly could.   Fast forward to adulthood and during one of the hundreds of horse expos, shows, fairs, I witnessed a different style of horsemanship, it was the link I had been looking for all those years of knowing there had to be a better way to build a partnership with my equine companions. Today I am on an even deeper level of understanding with the horse by learning and exploring more functional anatomy of the horse and how that balanced with relational horsemanship can give us a balanced approach to meet their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.  This has opened up a whole new realm of understanding. The why to horsemanship.  Do we know if what we ask them to do takes away or adds to their wellness.  Exploring the self and what our responsibilities are to living a more whole-hearted life.  How our thoughts, emotions and behavior related to connecting with the horses energy and personal space. How can we benefit from their amazing healing powers as this beautiful sentient being.  Horses and Humans working together to build a partnership through awareness and understanding that is what lead me to where I am today.























                                              My Focus


I have spent the last 50 years riding and learning from horses, and as an adult I have spent a great deal of time not just on horsemanship, but also studying hoof care and holistic healing for both humans and animals.   I have studied and learned from wonderful

teachers who continue to grow in their craft.  I truly believe there is always more to learn and understand from these wonderful animals and will  continue to seek out a higher understanding of developing the horse and the human. I would love the opportunity to share the  knowledge others have shared with me along my journey.  I believe I can enlightened others to achieve a higher level of learning with their equine partners, Offered topics are online, in-hand, liberty all the way to finding a true balanced seat and fluid riding.  Learning to develop  feel, energy management all in the effort to learning more in the quest for artful horsemanship.  I believe Horsemanship is an art and deserves to be treated as such.






























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